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New York City’s most decorated wordsmiths host a night of raucous wordplay, etymological deep-dives and alphabetic absurdity as they pull words apart and explore the link between language and our daily lives. Each show is centered around a theme and features special guests. 

Anagrams: unscrambled! 
Entendres: doubled!
Portmanteaus: revamplified!

Hosted by your friends wit benefits: Sam CorbinTim DonnellyJerzy GwiazdowskiAlly Spier and Nikolai Vanyo, five heavyweight champions of the word. They’ve racked up more than 100 titles at the Punderdome, taken home trophies at the Pun-Off World Championships and confused the heck out of America's Got Talent. Their quips have been featured in The New Yorker, InStyle, The New York Post, The President Show and all over the puniverse.

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